Heaven Design is a freelance graphic design home studio based in South Wales, UK, that operates on the belief of good design being key to unite, excite and send a long lasting message.

Being a typography enthusiast, with a passion for clean cut and detailed design, Liz Heaven, owner of Heaven Design, makes it her priority to strive for perfection, the different and the wow-factor, carefully curating and scrutinising to bring that extra personalisation to your brand, project or creative vision.


Liz commits to fully understanding your requirements, and capturing them in the ways you want - and the ways you did not realise you wanted - in order to communicate to the world what your project has to say in a beautifully striking way that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.



More than just a company logo, Heaven Design creates an identity to leave a mark in your industry - thoroughly exploring and pushing the limits to encapsulate your brand, creating something truly bespoke and unforgettable. From start-ups to ready established businesses, we work on creating and implementing visual identity that encourages interaction and engagement from customers.

Including but not limited to : Brand identity - logos, logotypes, brand marks, monograms, stationery, seals and badges, packaging, custom lettering and fonts, accompanying illustrative art, web and mobile visuals, promotional collateral and patterns.


Product and packaging design specialising in visual beauty crafted under the belief that it should make the consumer not want to part with it - from paper goods to labels, wedding or business stationery, box packaging or materials, the little details are what matter and are never over looked.


A true passion and forte of Heaven Design is typographic visuals and often custom fonts - having studied calligraphy and type from times past, HDS believes beautiful typography and lettering can play a huge part in design engagement and style.
Each letter will be hand drawn, refined and customised to create a truly unique font or type to capture the essence of any brand or business, message or project which can be adaptable to both web and print.


Whether it be a brand event, wedding, business suite or personal celebration, HDS takes great pleasure in bringing your project to life via beautifully tactile and stunning stationery. We pride ourselves on creating the most striking and quality paper goods to truly light up the recipient. After all, it's the extra things that are indeed an extension of a brand itself.


From sketch drawings to bespoke paintings, digital drawing or brand visuals, Heaven Design is able to work in a variety of illustrative styles to create artwork that catches the eye and leaves an impact.

Specialising in but not limited to : Illustrations for products, stationery, event branding, bespoke projects and packaging and branding icons and visuals, advertising for both print and web.



Welcome to Heaven Design 

Liz here, owner and freelancer - working from my home studio bringing your ideas to life.
No project too small, I love to go that extra mile to create things that truly light others up - this involves finding out what it is exactly, that lights YOU up. 
With a deep understanding and love for all things creative, research and construction is the core of how I run my design business - exploring all avenues to bring you the different, the striking and the timeless. 


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