"Good design goes to Heaven, bad design goes everywhere."

-Mieke Gerritzen

Hi, I'm Liz!
Nice to meet you!

Allow me to introduce myself... Believe it or not, my surname is Heaven, it isn't just a name I plucked out of thin air for my business in order to make it seem  angelic, because believe me, if you knew me personally, you'd know the irony behind my name. A lot of the time, people mispronounce it because they can't quite believe it's said the same as it's spelled. 

Hearing the stories behind business names is always interesting (or any names for that matter - people, Instagram accounts, books, etc) - knowing the foundations behind the decision to tell their story. For me, it was a no-brainer - when you're blessed with such a surname, no matter how ironic it may be, you can bet it doubles up as a great business name! (or the sort of name you'd hear while introducing myself to Mr Bond, Martini in hand -  I Wish!)

Right now I'm probably finding some outlet for my creativity, binging Supernatural or Better Call Saul on Netflix, sipping a diet coke (or a mojito), getting stuck into a book (fiction all the way!), or chilling out with my Fiance, or cats. Or both.

What really inspires me and makes me the happiest I could be, however, is creating beautiful things that light others up!

This is where I take the most pleasure and honor, of helping YOU tell YOUR story - whether it's your brand identity, a personal project, beautiful stationery or event branding  - I want to get to know the foundations of your project, and create something visually astounding to cherish and express your identity!

I get insanely excited over printed goods, probably make a "woop" sound when it comes to metallic foiling, find wax sealing far too satisfying for it to be healthy, and you bet I do a happy dance whenever stationery arrives!

Find your identity

One of the key rules at Heaven Design is pushing the limits to capture the perfect essence of your brand,logo, or product. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of making your identity yours and only yours! 

Heavily influenced by typography of times past, the world around us, travel, architecture, and many other aspects -

 Liz will draw inspiration from whatever it takes to find a solution to any creative brief.  With communication being a key factor, she will immerse herself in the project, from first drafts all the way through to delivery, building a relationship with each client that will last for many years to come.

Why bespoke?

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and as the quote above truthfully says  - "good design goes to Heaven, bad design goes everywhere." - why fit in when you were born to stand out? 

Nothing makes me more excited than hearing from people who want to tell their story, and stand out and express who they truly are. Fortune favours the brave, and success comes with that! 
Lets explore new horizons together and flll them with something meaningful!


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