Bell Tower 

Inspired by the whitewashed buildings and breathtaking views of Thira, the Bell Tower prides itself on delivering luxury relaxation in a panoramic hotspot of Santorini which overlooks the famous bell tower of the local church.

Wanting to capture a modern feel, yet still pay tribute to the source of it's name - a highlight for all who visit this resort, the branding needed to be simple, clean cut, yet still have some form of versatility and intricacy to translate well on to stationery and promotional material.

With a colour palette of pure white, and , stepping away from the same direction as many others in the vicinity which tend to use the same tone of blue to match the domes adorning almost every rooftop -  a dusky blue and rose compliment each other with the addition of rose gold tones for added grandeur.

A comprehensive identity system was created to capture the essence of the bell tower itself, the architecture surrounding, and the message of the Bell Tower as a business - effortlessly luxe.

Bell Tower Luxury Suites & Apartments                                                     






Augustea Open
Microsoft New Tai Lue
Monsieur Le Doulais Regular



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