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Glass ornaments and packaging designed for the book subscription box Beacon Book Box 

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St Nicholas Day 



The Saint Nicholas day ornament was designed to show a beautifully detailed collectable based on the story from the "Serpent and Dove" and "Blood and Honey" novels by Shelby Mahurin.

Saint Nicholas day is a festival celebrated in the story which falls on the 6th December. 
The brief was to include the quote and capture the essence of this event in the design.

Since these ornaments are largely used as decorations, and  St Nicholas day is a seasonal festivity, the stained glass church window imagery reflects elements of the architecture present in the book, while appealing to the religious side of the brief, and the inclusion of both serpents and doves reflective of the book title.


The Nevernight glass ornament was designed with the brief of just the quote, in a style similar to that on the cover of the book.

The book "Nevernight" by Jay Kristoff, explores the life of an assasin, who's main weapon is her favourite dagger - described as having wings on the hilt.

Upon researching the book, and reading it, I decided to include the dagger in the design due to it being such a significant part of the plot. The centre of the dagger shows three spheres- each symbolic of the fact the world the book is set in has three suns that never set - hence the name "Nevernight".
All typography was hand drawn and then vectored, made custom to be similar to that on the front cover of the USA version of the book

Picture credit to instagrammers @bookdashley , @mamabear_reads and @thebookofdesi

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