Located in the Napa Valley, Dionysos Vineyards & Wineries provide not only luxury wine the world over, but educational tours, days out and events on site. 
Named after the Greek God of wine and fruitfulness, the branding identity needed to capture the importance of wine to the brand, but convey it to the client.
Upon researching Dionysos and his story, it was discovered Dionysos was considered a patron of the arts and had a dual personality - the fun, frivolous wine drinker, bringing joy and ecstasy - and the chaotic, blinding rage - much like wine itself, then!
The vineyards are not only extremely well looked after, but with the views at sunset, it is often said the god himself has blessed them.
Wanting to play on this theme, the branding was designed around the luxury feel. Bringing both Dionysos and a wine glass together, one half being reminiscent of a Greek marble statue, the other a subtle reflection on the contour of a wine glass. 
Allowing diversity with a colour palette of white-champagne, dark grape and olive vine, all easily interchangeable and paying tribute to the god, and the vines, themselves.

Dionysos vineyeards & winery                                                     






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