The Dreamer collection bookmark set

Holographic rainbow foil printed bookmark set for product collections

Combining designs inspired by the night sky, astronomy, astrology, dreams and magic, The Dreamer Collection bookmarks were designed to be sturdy, striking and luxury.
With the aim to invoke thoughts of nostalgia, ambition, dreams and the feeling of getting lost in a fantasy world, I wanted these bookmarks to stand out, being a pleasure to use and to look at.

A set of four designs which can also be sold individually, the night sky imagery to the back lends a perfect base for the detailed linework of each.

The rainbow holographic foiling to the front, under a silk lamination allows for a stunning array of colours from all angles, adding to the overall magical theme, keeping the collection beautiful and tactile.

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Winter night sky


Enchanted Dreamatcher


Summer night sky

Magical Bookshelf


The Winter Night Sky bookmark focuses on bringing together moon elements, astronomy and astrology, along with sacred geometry design for an ethereal and detailed design. 

The moon includes all moon phases in the curvature of the crescent, and the personification of a face worked into the design.

Constellations were selected that are most prominent in the northern hemisphere during the winter, along with the star sign constellations which are present in the night sky during Autumn/Winter.

Combined with the quote "Dream me the world - something new for every night" from the well known book series "The Raven Cycle" by Maggie Stiefvater, sitting underneath the constellation of Orion to the back - making this design double sided and double purposed.

All elements were digitally drawn and vectored using adobe illustrator


The Enchanted Dreamcatcher design brings together different types of dreamcatcher, from the traditional web style to the macrame, and most recent popular style of moon catchers, all as one, with crystals and feathers illustrated with starbursts for a mystical feel.
The quote to the back "Every great dream begins with a dreamer" by Harriet Tubman, is in keeping with the theme of the set, and is shown below a line drawing of the mooncatcher, making the bookmark double sided.


All elements were digitally drawn and vectored using adobe illustrator


Like the winter night sky bookmark, the summer night sky design brings together constellations that are seen in the night sky of the northern hemisphere during summer, along with the star sign constellations for spring/summer at this time.

With sacred geometry patterns to the front of the bookmark, along with a geometrical drawing of the sun, the holographic foil lends great reflective elements to add that extra luxury to the product.

The back has the quote "If you can dream it, you can do it" by Walt Disney, underneath the constellation of Cygnus, symbolising the swan, which fits the overall aerial theme.

All elements were digitally drawn and vectored using adobe illustrator


The magical bookshelf was born from the idea of appealing to the literary community who enjoy fictional books and getting lost in a world of fantasy, dreams and magic - the main target market for Riddle & Ravens.

The bookshelf combines elements taken from well known works of fiction, spiritual and mythical join together to bring a feeling of nostalgia and mystery. A fun piece which completes the collection - something to celebrate the books themselves.

The back brings together the "book dragon" - a popular term in the bookish community for somebody who is a bookworm, playing on the fact that dragons can be found in some of the greatest stories, and the moon as a companion, sitting on top of the quote "A book is a dream you hold in your hands" by Neil Gaiman, who is a legend in the world of literature. A very fitting quote for the overall theme and audience.


All elements were digitally drawn and vectored using adobe illustrator

To see more designs of bookmarks not featured on this (there are quite a lot!) please go to - owned a maintained by myself.

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