Raven Club Membership card

The Raven Club is an online community based upon bringing people together through literature. The over all look and feel of the website is in style of a 1920's speakeasy - and so the membership card was created on the basis of tying into this design - but also with a luxury playing  card feel, all printed in rose gold foil on a black background.

The design itself shows a raven in intricate filigree style in a shape resembling the ace of spades, with art deco style line work surrounding to the front. With the 
words "In libras, libertas" meaning "In books, freedom".

To the back, the Raven logo from Riddle & Ravens is used - which is also the entrance symbol to the community on the main website - when clicked, it takes you to a password protected area, in order to enter like a speakeasy.
The winged book logo is also incuded, with detailed linework and feather symbols - all representative of Riddle & Ravens brand ad used throughout the website and social media.

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