The Raven Club

The Raven Club is an online community based upon bringing people together through literature. The over all look and feel of the website is in style of a 1920's speakeasy.

For the branding, a strong sense of community yet the exclusivity of a private members club was needed, and so inspiration was taken from 1920's art deco patterns and shapes to create a membership card, stationery, and website set apart from the usual branding of Riddle & Ravens, who the club belongs to.
The website was designed to look like a simple art deco style bar interface, with shelves which allow clickable icons to go on them to encourage interaction. Every so often the icons can be changed, leaving the freedom to keep the club interesting.

The design process itself started with the members card - something to give to customers to keep and use for future promotions - which in itself brings a sense of belonging. 
We wanted the card to feel as luxury as possible, encourage use, but also stay memorable.
Rose gold foil printing on a black background matched the overall look and feel, where intricate filigree style design merges with art deco, taking inspiration from playing cards. 
Bringing the raven and ace of spades together on one side, along with the Latin phrase "In Libras, libertas"  meaning in books, freedom.
The other side makes use of both logos associated with Riddle & Ravens in a similar style carrying the branding through and sealing the deal of an exclusive members club. 
With matching stationery of invites, compliments slips and an envelope to store the membership card in to match, this suite was tied together.

In turn, the ace of spades raven has made it's way to the overall branding suite of Riddle & Ravens as a result, as it depicts the level of detail found in their products and the playful side of the brand.


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