Pocket Mirrors

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"The Dregs" pocket mirrors - inspired by the Six Of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo.

The aim for these designs was to capture each character in a pocket mirror form - highlighting their abilities and strengths.

Each mirror was designed to fit a 76mm circumference, and is on pressed glass. All were illustrated in Adobe illustrator.
Each mirror shows six red feathers and a character quote.

Click a mirror below to learn more about each design.

Kaz "dirtyhands" Brekker

Inej "the wraith" Ghafa

Jesper "sharp

shooter" Fahey

Nina "heartrender" Zenik

Matthias "Druskelle" Helvar

Wylan Van Eck


Kaz "Dirtyhands" Brekker

This pocket mirror, with the aim to capture Kaz's character, shows his main quirk and object he uses as a weapon - his cane with a crow skull at the top of it.
It also shows a lock and chains for his lock picking ablities.

The quote shown is "I love puzzles, trickery is just my native tongue."

In the background of the mirror design is the "crow club tattoo" of the crow and cup which all members of The Dregs have.

Kaz's mirror, when laid side by side with Inej's design, shows the same colours - to symbolise their relationship and closeness.


Inej "the wraith" Ghafa

Inej's ability is like that of a spy - light of foot and quiet as a mouse - her prized weapons are her daggers - all named after her Saints

Sankta Lizabeta is the prominent design shown here, as it has great significance in the books, the others were kept a simple silhouette.


The quote "The heart is an arrow, it demands aim to land true" is very popular amongst the fandom.


Inej does not have a crow club tattoo, so the peacock feather was used in the background to symbolise her time before she joined the gang, at a place known as "the menagerie".


Jesper "the sharpshooter" Fahey

Jesper's main characterstics are that of a gambler, who cannot resist a good deal, and his prized possessions are his pistols. 
Jesper's quote "The world deserves a few more moments with this face" is included, not only very fitting for a mirror, but in reference to his humour when telling the others should they die during their mission, to  have an open casket for this very purpose.

The symbolism of the pick axe and needle in the background of the design is in reference to his rank in occupation - the symbol of the materialki.

Jesper's mirror, when laid side by side with Wylan's, merges in colour to symbolise their relationship.


Nina " the heartrender"  Zenik

Nina's power is not only flirting, but also the ability to slow the pulse of her enemy with her mind - hence the name "heartrender."
The heart is shown here with symbolism of a white rose in relevance to the house of the white roses - a place of Nina's past


The quote "The beguiling has began, you are powerless to resist me" is fitting in relevance to her flirtatious nature, as well as her power.
Nina has a crow club tattoo so it is included in the background of the design of the mirror.

When Nina and Matthias' mirrors are laid side by side, the colours merge together symbolising their relationship.



Matthias "The Druskelle" Helvar

Matthias is not a part of the dregs, but is useful to them in the story - hailing from a different land, a land known for ice and culture very different to that of the rest of the gang he was best symbolised by this culture - with the wold head design being prominent, and snowflakes to the background to symbolise the cold climate of where he is from.

Yhe quote included is very fitting with his mirror theme - "The water hears and understands - the ice does not forgive."

Blue tones surrond both sides of Matthias mirror symbolising his isolation from the group to begin with, and his time in a place called "the ice court", which was the main focus of the first book.


Wylan Van Eck

Wylan's design was best symbolised by his job of being a chemist - and making explosives for the gang. Having dyslexia has proven to be no hinder for him to work out equations and chemical methods,so the illustrations of a scroll and bomb were very fitting for his mirror.


While not originally a crow club member Wylan was honoured as one and so the crow club tattoo is in the background of the design..


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