The Library Collection

The Library Collection is a set of bookmarks and enamel pins that celebrate all things literature - from the stories and genres to the overall aesthetic of the books themselves. 

Inspiration was taken from four popular genres - Romance, Academia, Classic literature and Fantasy.
To bring these together, each bookmark would one side resemble a bookshelf - the ultimate collection of books and works of literature by Authors of that genre, along with things that may adorn the shelf of those who read them avidly.
The other side of the bookmark would be inspired by a decorative antique book spine - with the name of the genre, and room for the company logo and website at the bottom.

Matching pins were designed to accompany these - each fitting the theme to match it's bookmark, and the pins were themed around books stacked upon each other, with design elements to play upon the genre itself.

On the "spine" side of the bookmarks, there is also room to use them as a backing card to display the pins on should the customer so wish.


Each bookmark is foiled with rose gold on both sides, and the enamel pins are rose gold plated to match. Printed on 700gsm card with laminate finish, the bookmarks are sturdy enough to hold the pins and each item can be standalone, or purchased together making great gifts for any literature fan.

Riddle & Ravens                                                



Romance -  Formal script
Academia - Trajan pro

Classic Literature - Copperplate
Fantasy - Ringbearer medium




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