The Magicians Pub - Magical Logo

The brief provided was for a logo design for a magical place where Wizards and fable folk may arrive after a long journey and sit down with a beer, smoke a pipe and tell a story.

Working closely with the owner of the company, who, while based in America and having visited a British style pub once, found it the perfect idea to create an online store targeted at fans of the wizarding world, it was decided that imagery of the pub itself - which was created and illustrated from scratch exclusively for the brand, was a must. Envisioning what the premises should look like if it was indeed, a part of the real world, we combined ideas and let our imaginations take hold to bring such a place to life so vividly we could imagine what it was like inside!

With an inviting glow in the windows, custom typography and the smoke cleverly coming from the chimney to join onto the name, complete with a wrought iron look decoration, the logo captures the essence that is both homely, magical and welcoming.

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