Riddle & Ravens

A start up that specialises in literature inspired merchandise with the aim to spread a little magic, perfect for any avid reader who loves fantasy stories. Riddle & Ravens is playful, free spirited and adventurous - much like the characters we read about between the pages!
With the name being inspired by a mixture of the Harry Potter character Tom Riddle, and the mysterious bird that is the Raven - believed, in stories, to connect the material world with the world of spirits. Riddle & Ravens stands for "anything goes" and celebrates adventure through literature.
It is also a nod to the famous riddle "why is a raven like a writing desk?" - connecting back to the book world.

A non-restricting brand identity was needed for something that wants to play with such freedom of both magic and reality, and so a classic gold, grey - (which was a meet of somewhere between purple, black, and grey - rather like the sheen on a Raven's feather when it catches the light), and white colour palette was created for a strong identity - with room for movement.

A system of logos were created for use across different disciplines - from brand stationery to web, the focal point being the white raven - rare and not afraid to stand out.


When it came to creating the business card - it made perfect sense that it should double up as a bookmark for customers to keep and use, and so the rulebook was thrown away and two logos were combined to show the raven rising from between the pages of a feathered book, with the opposite side showing and highlighting the level of detail the brand thrives on - from white hand written calligraphy on dark envelopes, to stickers adorning packaging - no detail or effort is spared by product or by delivery.


Riddle & Ravens                                                  



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