Saints & Shadows

Shadow and Bone, the series of books by Leigh Bardugo, have a running theme through them - light and dark, good and evil, sun and shadows. 

This dual purpose product serves as not only tarot cards - specifically light work and shadow work cards, but also slot together as an A5 size print when not in use. 
With die cutting a simple semi circle where the eclipse is shown in the centre, it will allow the cards to merge but also be used separately.

For the design, inspiration was taken from the books to show qualities of the character each card is inspired by, which will be widely recognised by the fandom. 
The design is focused around an eclipse - the symbol of the character The Darkling aka The Starless Saint, at the centre. The symbol is attached to The Starless Saint card, so when joined it is "eclipsing" The Sun Summoners card.

Cards have long been a collectors item within the literature world, as well as prints, so bringing the two together as a multi functional item was a great way to explore new avenues.

Personal project                                                  



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