Strange the Dreamer
Metal cutout bookmark design

New York Times best selling fantasy author Laini Taylor recently collaborated with the popular book subscription box Litjoy Crate to release some merchandise officially for exclusive editions of her book Strange The Dreamer.
I was approached by Litjoy Crate to design a metal cutout bookmark inspired by a tattoo from the book for the collection.

Being given free reign over the design, except for two things - intricacy, and the quote "Dream up something wild and improbable" I decided to research into the back story of the tattoo itself and the characters who have them.
Having no official image to go by and just a description, as well as having to put this into the intricacy of a cut out metal bookmark, left a lot of avenues  to be explored and the structure of the item to be thought out.
Elements from elsewhere in the story were added, such as the moths, as well as falling stars and lines to add extra design elements as well as strength and function to hold the piece together. 


LitJoy Crate in collaboration with author Laini Taylor                                                  



Victorian Decade

Aurella script





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